New Look Wishlist

Every month when payday is around the corner, I check out a few things online, usually scrolling through dress after dress after dress whilst on the bus, on lunch break or back on the couch after work. 
(thats if im not napping on the bus ofcourse)

This time round it's bee New Look I've been looking at and there are some items in at the moment I'd love to get my hand on.

Quite a few actually, I am not sure my bank would be happy with me doing one huge haul in one month so having to pick out the most important items for now, and lust over the rest. 

Here's my top picks from New Look:

I particularly love the Wednesday Adams style dress, I tried it on recently and it fits so perfectly, definitely going to be my first purchase at payday. And the off the shoulder black dress looks perfect for summer!

Do you treat yourself at payday? And if so, what are you lusting for?

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Simply Be/Fashion World Haul

I popped onto Simply Be and Fashion World the other day for a nosey about as I hadn't bought anything new from them in a while and I wanted to find a nice little swing dress for when I take Rachel out dancing at payday.

[please excuse the mess in the background, its not normally that bad, I am doing a big clear out]

I had been seeing this dress and another in the same cut, diff pattern and really wanted them for work. I really did not like the cut of this at all, It didn't sit well below my tummy, and the tummy section was tight, more than what I'd expect. So sadly this and the darker one are going back.

I've been loving this style of top/dress/tunic, ones which are fitted round the boobs but not nipped in like an empire line (like I used to always wear) and then flare out.
This one from Grazia is just gorgeous, its perfect. 
AND it has goddamn pockets!

I really like this one, I love the sneaky cut out over the boobs, this sits right ontop of my tattoo. 
The dress fits lovely, the material is nice too, its almost velvety, but not velvet. 
It feels like the neon floral one I got last year. I wore it at Plus North and spent half my time there telling people to feel me!

This little top I got to wear with my jeans, after being introduced to the Rosie jeans from Simply Be, I am having to rethink my wardrobe and purchase more tops. I barely own any at all. 
ANY excuse to shop eh?!

I tried this one on in the Simply Store in Meadowhall, I'd seen it online but not been sure as its AX Paris and their sizing is notoriously shoddy, but due to the cut of the dress, it fit fine, and I didn't have to size up. Infact I could probably have sized down, but I'm happy with the overall result.

 I first saw this number on Tess Holliday here and wasnt sure bout it till I tried the above one on in store and it fitter perfectly.
I knew I couldn't buy one and not the other and I'm so glad I did buy it because it's super cute!

Tiger Print Plunge Bra
Tiger Print High Waist Knickers
Tts animal print, need I say more?
I did some damage on my Simply Be account and bought roughly 25 knickers and 10 thongs, but the ones I felt were most lovely were these pieces. The bra fits well and is true to the sizing which is a 42E. The pants I got in a 26 sop they'd be truly high waisted which they are. 
Are you lusting over any items at the moment? Are you gonna treat yourself, or your friends at payday?
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#HeresWhaIWouldHaveSpent - ASOS

I decided to take part in the What I Would Have Spent this time round as I often find myself looking at Asos 'normal' sizes and wishing they made it in fat sizes.

Asos is a company I have a love/hate relationship with, I have never had a successful transaction with them, but I LOVE their clothing!

I picked 6 items, though I could have chosen so much more, but I stuck with 6 as this would have been the amount I'd purchase with any other brand. I always make sure I do a big shop if I'm buying online as I don't wanna end up returning the whole order.
Plus it saves on delivery costs.

one // two // three 
four // five // six

These are all items I would wear to work or play. I tried to pick things I could wear with a blazer for work, or on its own on a night out.

The total of my purchase would have been £269.99

My fave are the dinosaur top and the button up swing dress. 

This is how I'd style this Dino dress.

Please please please Asos make these in fat size!

Check out the other babes who took part

What would you have spent?

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#PSBloggerLove - DoesMyBlogMakeMeLookFat

When Debz posted on Facebook that she wanted to do a big psblogger love special, I knew I wanted to take part.

The point of this is to share memories and nice things about a blogger, I got Becky from DoesMyBlogMakeMeLookFat.

I met her for the first time at a Rad Fat Bloggers shopping day in Doncaster, I remember that one of the first things I said to her was how big her boobs were and how posh she sounded.

Here's a picture from that day, feet tired and cards maxed out!

 My how we have all changed!
 We have met up again a few more times at events and other blogger meets, Its always nice to see friendly familiar faces when you go to events, and Becky is always up for a big squeeze and a giggle.

I particularly enjoy Becky's Photo Favorite posts.

I love seeing new bloggers and this is a great way to find them. Becky always seems to find so many amazing bloggers to share with us. 

 Here's some of my fave OOTD's on Beckys blog ...

Her style is so varied, I love the way she puts things together. Often things I wouldn't have thought of doing myself. Recently I have loved her vintage style.

Another thing I both love and am super jealous about it Beckys choice of lipstick! She is forever showing us new colours on Instagram, I want all of them! A girl after my own heart really, with bright pinks and reds!

Go on over to her blog, instagram and twitter and send love!
With this all being said, I must say that I love you all in our PSBloggers community, and those not part of the blogging world. I am so very pleased to be part of a place where we are fearless and dress exactly how we want, theres always so much encouragement from you guys. I am glad to have met so many babes and cant wait to meet many more in years to come! 

Who are you loving blogger wise lately?

Share it on #psbloggerlove across the internets!

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Platinum Palms - OOTD

I wore this little get up the other day for work.
I'd been wearing my jeans so much that I had neglected my skirts and dresses so I decided to put this cute ensemble on and it worked a treat at brightening up my whole day!

 Tshirt - Swap
Cardigan - Swap
Skirt - Pink Clove via Evans
Leggings - New Look
Pumps - Primark

I have some gems hidden in the floordrobe from various swaps I've attended, mostly summer items, so I'll be bringing them out soon enough!

On my face I have Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara which I can thank Rachel for introducing me to. I almost swear by it now. I hadn't found my one true love with mascaras but I think I have now.
I'll happily pay £7.99 for it again and again!

On my lips is Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Vibrant Coral. 

What do you think of the blonde hair? Is it my colour?
A lot of people gave me compliments on the colour, but I have gone back to a vibrant colour, this time I'm a pinky purple, thanks to my hair dresser; Dad!

What have you been wearing lately?

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Beauty Wishlist #7

With all these eBay wishlists, it got me thinking about my current beauty wants.

So here's what I'm currently coveting:

EOS lipbalm // Babylips // Eyelure Lashes
Smoky Poppy Bodyshop // Real Techniques Brushes // Essie Nail Polish
Thierry Mugler Angel // Kate Moss Lipstick

I have had a few EOS lip balms, but I'd love to stock up and have one of every bag, purse and coat I own. They're handy and pretty durable. Plus the lip balms not only feel amazingly nourishing on your lips, they smell delicious too!

The same goes for Maybelline Babylips lipbalm, easy to just chuck in your purse/bag or coat pocket and the tinted ones are good if you don't wanna put on lipstick. I specially use them in the winter when my lips need care but I still want colour on them.
They also have some nice scents, specially the Pink Punch one, which is has a peachy smell and is the best barbie pink colour!

I really enjoy a BOLD perfume so this Thierry Mugler Angel dinky is perfect for me. I always get compliments when I wear this or Alien.

What's on your beauty wants list?

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A VERY Lush Wishlist

So you may or may not know that I am a fan of Lush.
As I said in a previous post, I adore a nice long hot bath with all the stuffs in, bath bombs, bubble bars, oils soaps.

Here's my current Lush wants:

Rose Jam //  Ice Blue // Each Peach (two's a pair) // Granny Takes a Dip
It Started with a Kiss // Phoenix Rising // Bubblegum // Curly Wurly
Rose // Secret Garden // Glamorous Lipstick

Some of these are items I've not yet tried, some are old fave's.
I particularly LOVE Each Peach massage bar, It's got a great scent and is nice and soft, I love how the oils are activated by the warmth of your hands, this is particularly good to use after shaving my legs to keep them soft and nourished.
Another I adore is the Rose bubble bar. It's got a very delicate scent and is super easy to crumble under running water.

Do you have this same obsession with Lush as I do or are you not a fan?

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Ruby Red OOTD

This was an OOTD from last week.
I wanted to wear this dress but didn't want a plain coloured blazer so I pulled out this gem.
It's a hideous paisley print blazer which I just HAD to have, its so ugly its beautiful! 

The dress is a crepe kinda effect, but it still pretty fitted, specially round the boobs.

Dress - A X Paris
Jacket - Simply Be
Tights - Big Bloomers Co
Pumps - Sainsburys

I kept my face simple with just Mascara and some red lipstick from Superdrug's own brand 2true.

Look at those roots.
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Graze Box Treats

Got myself a LISA box in the post from Graze the other day.

I've been getting LISA boxes since July last year after I was given the chance to design my own box, which contains:

 a pudding snack pot
a savoury snack pot
a fruit/nut snack pot
a surprise snack pot

As always with Graze, this box was popped through my mail slot in the door, comes wonderfully packaged with my details printed on one side and the Graze logo on the other.

The box is recyclable so they're doing their part for the world too.

 The inside of the box always has a nice fresh image on it.
and the contents of the box are printed on a card along with the nutrition info and some tear off codes.

Head on over to Graze and use the code LISAP69LB and you'll get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free, can't say I don't give you anything now can you!

In my box this time I got the following:

Sour Cream & Garlic Crostini
Toffee Apple
Beach Bum
The Graze Brownie

My fave from this selection is Beach Bum and Toffee Apple.

I love Beam Bum because it have a selection of my fave fruits, pineapple, banana and coconut. YUM

 And how can you not love apple pieces with a toffee sauce to dip in, it's so delicious!

Seriously, get over to Graze and start your snack subscription!

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Mango Snow Fairy Bath

It's always important to do a bit of self care from time to time.
For me it's simple things like painting my nails, a face mask or some other form of pampering.
But my most fave form of self care is a steamy hot bath with all the trimmings!

I like to start with the water running and sprinkle in some form of bath oils, my fave is a ylang ylang essential oil from Holland & Barrett.

I'll normally get some candles going, I especially love my Bomb Cosmetics one Daisy got me for Xmas last year, it smells like baby powder and marshmallows.

I get out my fave bath products which currently is Snow Fairy from Lush which Rachel gave me at Xmas.

 This time I didn't use a Lush bath bomb, I used one that my dad gave me, its a mango scented one. And boy did it fizz! It left the water with a smooth silky layer ontop and had the finest glitter bits floating around.

I absolutely love a hot bath to sloth out in and soak my muscles. 
Plus it's a great way to get your mind to relax before bed, I find that having a hot bath really tires me out so when I get out and wrap up, I'm all ready for bed and sleep like a drunken teen all night.

   What's your fave bath products? 
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Denim Delight OOTD

I wore this outfit at the weekend.
It was just a quick throw on of some clothes before going for lunch, nothing to special.

Dress - Simply Be
Leggings - Evans
Cardigan - Tesco via Rachel
Pumps - Primark

On my face is a bunch of make up, but special mention goes to Make Up Revolution lipstick in the colour Luscious.
It's the perfect peachy nude. 

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