Taffy Mail - August

I had stopped my Taffy Mail subscription for a short time but got a great surprise in the post recently.

It was a huge Taffy Mail box which Id won for posting a picture of my previous Taffy Mail box on Instagram. (seen below)

I was not told I had won it so when the post man knocked and handed me this huge box addressed to me, I was curious. I hadn't ordered anything that would come in a box like that. 
I was super excited when I got into the box and saw some of my favourite Taffy Mail items!

This box was bigger than the normal ones, It was about triple the size.

I got some old fave's and some new bits too.

Hello Cheeto's, you're a new best friend!

My FAVE of the entire box is this friggin box of Cap'n Crunch!

Do you want a Taffy Mail surprise?

If you use the code BESTIE15 you can get 15% off your first box. 

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Leeds Pride 2015

A few weeks ago I went to Leeds for Leeds Pride.
I used to go all the time in previous years but since I moved to Sheffield, I always seem to miss it.
This year I made sure I was off and ready to party!

I wore a simple skater dress from New Look. 
It was hot so I didn't wear a jacket or card, though I took a waterproof mac with as it was supposed to rain.

Train ride essentials.
(plus a coffee caramel frappe)

Leeds, I am here!

I met Rachel at the train station and we hopped in a cab to the Millenium Square where the main event had begun.

Colourful people. 

I am not sure Leeds was quite prepared for us, but we certainly painted it all the colours of the rainbow! 


We even got a pic with Spidey!

I think is possibly the best picture of Rachel and I, EVER!

I bumped into the dapper dude, he was lovely and so chatty!

Much outdoor dancing was had.  

Then it was time to dance and from then...... well.... I really can not remember much.

I know this was in the queue for the drinks in the Viaduct.
But thats about it.

And just look at this charmer!

Rachel has told me a few things, which I don't recall. Usually she is the more intoxicated one.
All I know is that I had a great time!

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Lady Daisy Dates

A little while ago I met Daisy in town and we hopped to Meadowhall after getting her nose pierced to do some retail therapy.

This is how I looked. 

I wore a Simply Be dress with leggings and trainers.
Dressed for comfort.

Tram selfie.

We went to Primark, H&M, New Look and a few others.
I spent most of my money at Gobstoppers.

We then popped to Nando's for some chow and chats.

I was so into that grilled halloumi, I would almost go as far as saying I'd go to Nando's JUST for the grilled cheese!

After that we went to TGI Friday's for some drinks in vases!

How perfect is this tee for me? 

Here's what I got...

Cutest backpack from Primark - £12.00

All the things from Gobstoppers

I especially love the Pringles as we don't get ranch flavour in the UK, I can eat that entire tube in about 13.2 seconds flat.

I also got a cute flower garland and some glasses from Primark. 
Bargain and a half as the glasses said they were £3.00 but when I got to the till, they scanned at a quid each! 

What have you treated yourself to recently?
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Van Dyk Hotel Lunch

My parents decided to treat us to a lovely Sunday Lunch today.

We wanted to go somewhere nice with an outside area since it's been so nice recently and it certainly was a lovely day out today.

We got a pamphlet in the post for Van Dyk Hotel in Chesterfield, its actually very close by to where we live.
So we thought why not.

I wore a dress from New Look.
(similar here)

I had my watermelon clutch from Simply Be.

Onto the actual hotel.


It's got a lovely statue dog outside the entrance.
I think it looks rather homey and comfortable. 


To start I had Rosemary and Thyme Pork Tenderloin with potato Croquettes.

Then I had a Honey & Mustard Roast Gammon with a HUGE Yorkshire and veg.

Pudding was a Strawberry and Soft cheese mousse with basil and strawberry "textures" and a Champaign Jelly.

I bared my legs and arms today, I said FUCK IT to my body hang ups and I felt free!

Do you like to go out for a Sunday Diner or do you prefer to stay at home? 

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