Perfect Party Phrocks

The party season is upon us and what better way to get into the party mood than with a new party frock? I've bought mine, have you?
Below is a collection of my fave dresses from the rather affordable to some rather pricier pieces.
What's your Christmas "do" style?
one // two // three 

one // two // three 

one // two// three 
four // five // six 
I certainly don't need an excuse to buy a new dress, but Christmas party is as good a reason than any other so why not indulge right?!
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Lincoln Christmas Market

Oops, has it really been 2 months since I last posted?
I have been a little uninspired recently, and always said that I don't want to force myself to blog, I want it to be a natural process. 

But I've picked myself up again and Im bringing you a lovely post about the wonderful Lincoln Christmas Market which I went to on Friday last week with Daisy and Amy.

Amy picked us up at 10ish in the morning and we drove our merry way towards Lincoln, there were many giggles and questions about Amy's music choices.
We got to the park and ride and got our tickets, the bus ride was really short so we were at the Market in no time. 

Lincoln Cathedral

After a quick pit stop for wee's and cash, we made our way into the Castle where we all got German Hotdogs, I had a Bockwurst, they're my fave. We got a cuppa mulled wine too to start off the whole experience, it was a pretty wine'y wine too. 

After trawling through loadsa stalls, we came upon a pickle man, I couldnt resist and got myself 5 jars of pickle. Ive already cracked into two of them, they're so tasty!
I also picked up 4 cheese bombs from the cheese man and ALOT of fudge from the fudge man.
(all the stalls are being named by what I purchased from them)

We ambled around and popped into a pub for a pint and to relax our feet.

We all got our pictures taken with some Owls, even got a polaroid picture after. 

We looked at many crafty tents and stalls, my fave was the Bauble'arium!

Trying on headbands.


 The Lincoln Eye.

Christmas tree outside the Cathedral.

We ended our day with a giant hog roast sandwich which was most delicious!
I love the Christmas markets, and Lincoln never disappoints. 
A super fun day was had indeed. 

Do you go to christmas markets? Which ones your fave?

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Wrapped in pink - OOTD

I bought this dress forever ago from New Look but hadnt worn it all too often.
I debuted it first on my birthday in July...

So I decided to give it an outing to work to brighten everyones day up.

On my lips is a lip liner from Barry M in colour #113. It's my current go to colour for barbie pink lips.
And with this dress and my hair looking so bright, barbie lips were just the cherry ontop of a great outfit day!

I wore my fave necklace from Simply Be to give it some shiny magpie sparklyness.
My cardigan is from Tesco via Rachel. 
And my bag is from Simply Be too.
I later added some sequin'y fish scale nail varnish from Essence called Million Dollar Baby
I do so love this top coat. I wore it with 3 coats on its own because its just so fricking cool!
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Light as a feather with Anticipat........tion

Ok ok ok so not so much anticipation but hey!

I recently got sent some bits from the lovely Abigail over at  GlitzAndBobs.
She picked out these two items for me and they're pretty on point if you ask me.

It came nicely packaged in this cute box with stickers and a really awesome company logo stamp.

Inside the box was loadsa shiny confetti and bits. The items were wrapped up nicely and there was a business card too.
Her business card is sop cute and dinky, I love it.

Even the inside of the box was stunningly decorated with a "made with love" stamp.

Abigail selected the Someday I'll Fly Away feather bracelet and a Dr Frank-n-Furter ring.

I absolutely adore this bracelet, I've worn it everyday since I got it. It's a really simple piece which really fits into my arm candy style. Im not so much a fan of having loadsa chunky stuff cluttering up my arms, this bracelet is the perfect size for me.

This ring is just everything for me! I've worn it a few times to work and over the weekend and get many comments. Mostly oooh's and aaah's. 

Have a look at GlitzAndBobs for your fill of kitsch, retro, cute goodies.

Ive spotted a few items perfect for Halloween too...

Thanks to Abigail for these pieces, I love them!

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DegustaBox August

I got given a special deal to get a DegustaBox half price, so I decided to give it a go and see what it's like.
I had been waiting quite some time for this to arrive and it finally did, I was so super excited that I had to open it right away.

The Degustabox is a food and drink subscription much like the Graze Box, except bigger, MUCH BIGGER! 

Each box is filled with 9 - 14 "surprise products" which they say many of which are brand new to the market. 
Some are known brands, some not, but I am always up for a try of something new!

What I got in this box:

Portlebay Popcorn
Zeo Softdrinks
Green & Blacks chocolate bar
Hornsby's Cider
Dr Oetker cake toppers
Maggi bake in/cook in bags

So far I'm not convinced. I will however continue on and get my next box and once I've seen it's contents, I'll decide if its gonna be a continual thing. For £13.00 a month I wanna be wowed.

Have you tried these yet?
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Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes

I was asked a little while ago by the lovely folks over at BakerDays if I'd like to try one of their cakes... NATURALLY I said yes!
Fat girls love cake right! But really, who could say no to a cake coming through their letterbox/slot!?!
I got it through the door one day after work and I was so excited to open it!
It came in a lovely tin, nice and secure inside a box small enough to fit through the mail slot in the door.
BakerDays is an online service which provides cakes of different size for delivery, also cupcakes.
You can pick different themes and even get specific designs on them.
I chose a spooky Halloween cake.
The cake is kept fresh and has an instruction tab on how to get the cake out the tin.
The box the cake comes in had a selection of flyers about the company, the cake tin, a card and some balloons!
Now onto the most important bit... how did it taste?
In a word, DELICIOUS!
I didn't know what to expect but I was really surprised.
The cake I had was nice and chocolatey, wasn't too dry and crumbly and the icing was yummy too!
This cake served 3 pieces between myself, mom and dad, but realistically it could have served 8.
I absolutely love this cake, Im going to order 2 halloweeny cakes for a halloween night at Daisy's place!
Thanks Bakerdays for sending a fat bird cake in the post, made my day!

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Ebay Wishlist #5

I'm back at it again this week, it's eBay time!

I am partial to buying some brand name perfumes, but I really am a cheap bastard so if I can get them at a good price, I like to try get them off eBay. 
Euphoria and Alien are my most favourites of the lot.

These blush's are super cute. I love the colours anyway but the packaging really sells it for me.
I love a bit of Korean beauty products, this seller has so many cutsie bits to peruse!  

We all know I love a backpack so this is no surprise. 
How friggin cute are these!

Cat shoes

Im not gonna lie, these are just YES!

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