York Adventures

So I recently went to York for the day with my friend Daisy from The Cutie Beauty Blog.

 Bus Selfie as per!

We got the train, we happened to get into the quiet zone, nice fancy seats and all!
We got to York at half ten'ish and walked into York centre. We didn't actually have any plans as such, we just went where the wind took us. 

 York Train Station has MANY BIG clocks!

We happened upon the Yorkshire Museum where we spent ages in the Dinosaur area, we did a children's activity sheet, which took us AGES to even figure out, tut tut.

We decided to dance on the Dinosaur footprints since we're adults and we can do what we want ok! 

York Selfie!

There were a few exhibitions on, mainly outlining ancient Yorkshire, Medieval Times and some Roman Ruins. 

 Old map of York, some girls remains, a publication of Shakespeare's plays.

Casual penis sculptures!

We DID go to the York Castle Museum, but that's for another post!

Naturally we went to the Disney store :)

Such a great day, but my feet were killing me at the end!

Do you like museums?

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Graze Box Treats

I got a Graze Box again. 
I started my subscription again because I honestly missed those fortnightly treats!

As always it comes beautifully packed, each snack pot in its own little compartment, information about the snacks inside is laid out in a pamphlet which has codes for free boxes in.
And they always have a nice little story about one of the snacks.
In this one it was about Beef Jerky and the happy cows that made it.

What I Got:
Korean Chilli Crackers
British Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky
The-Better-For-You Brownie

I do so love these Graze boxes! They fit right through your post slot in your door and are always filled with things you love!
I hardly ever get anything I wont like. And if I do, I always know I can thumbs down it on the website and they wont send it again.

Just look at all the boxes you can choose from!

If you wanna get a lil treat yourself, use the code LISAP69LB.
Check out my other Graze posts here.

Have you tried a Graze box???
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From the Changing Room - Yours Clothing

I spotted this Dark Floral Dress first and thought I would try it on. Its a lot longer than most dresses I own.
I didn't buy it, mainly cos I was on a budget but also because of the length, lets face it, Im known for short dresses, not long!

I did like this Floral Skater Dress but for some reason the fit felt funny on my body. For a skater dress, it was just too long for me.

I fell inlove with this Floral Sweater, it's really lightweight and its nice for a casual outfit. I had to have this.

I tried on this UGLY eyelash cardi, I so desperately wanted to get it, but at £28.00 a piece, I just couldn't bring myself to buy it at that price! I'll wait for the sales before i nab it up.

I really liked both this Satin Front Top and this Blue Daisy Swing Dress but there were other things I wanted more than these. 

I did try on a few more items, such as this Striped Print Top seen below. 
I wore this to work on dress down day.

Do you shop at Yours? 
Anything in your wishlist currently?
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Street Chic - NOTD

In a recent shopping trip I purchased another confetti type nail varnish from the Maybelline Colour Show collection. 
What I Used:
Collection Top Coat
OPI The Grape Debate  
Maybelline White Splatter Topcoat
I started with Collection 2 in 1 Hardener & Strengthener and then applied a clear top coat.
Then I applied 2 coats of the purple polish. Im not so much a fan of this colour on it's own, it's a bit too dark for my taste.
Then I applied a single coat of the Splatter top coat.
I later went and added another two layers of the topcoat whilst at work.
The splatter coat is mainly white and purple splatter with some blue in there too. 
I love this kinda topcoat, mainly because it's kinda ugly, and I love that!

 Are you a fan of confetti style varnishes?
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Candy Hero Haul

Why does America have such better sweets than over here???

Well I popped into a Candy Hero whilst in York recently and dropped a few pennies purchasing some yummies. 

Here's what I got:

I can never go past an American sweet shop without getting myself a twinkie, they're my fave!

 I wanted to try Arizona Ice tea too because I wasn't sure really what the big deal about it was.
It's just Ice Tea! It's nothing special!
But new fave... Kool-Aid Jammers! They're Kool-Aid Caprisuns essentially! 
Had this at work and instantly had a better day!

Snyders .... Oh how I love thee!

Below is what I got for my mom n dad. 
JellyBelly for dad and Peanutbutter goods for mom. 

If you don't live in USA, whats your fave USA candy?
If you do, whats your fave UK candy?

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Lush Haul

Recently I was out shopping with a friend and we popped into Lush for a quick look about and I ended up with a pretty decent haul!

Look at my beauties! 7 bags of joy!

Here's what I got:

I've used these before and I'm STILL amazed at how this makes bubbles! But, that being said, this bunch of carrots makes the best bubbles ever!

I actually got this massage bar for my mom, she uses the Hottie but isnt keen on the smell.
This one has more of a citrus smell which I know she prefers.

Again with a Citrus cent, this one I got for my dad. My dad loves taking baths and he loves ballistics, so this was naturally a good choice. The bomb itself is massive!

Its like the size of a baseball!

Im not gonna lie, I got this one cos it was glittery!

I got this one because IUm a fan of the carrots bubble bars so I wanted to see how this one compares.

I'd like to say I had a reason for buying this one, but I don't. Just cos flowers!

Space Girl
Again, I had no reason for this other than space! 

I used this one that evening in a nice hot bath, I was in the bath for almost 2 hours.

Space Girl in action.

Space Girl bath water.

And all of that for ONLY £26.35.
I was surprised, I didn't check the prices of them before I put them in my basket, I just got what I wanted so I was expecting it to be like £45/£50. 
So I'm impressed with this haul indeed!

What's your fave item from Lush?

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