Swimwear for your body shape

I little while ago I was asked for some input for a BonPrix article about swimwear for different body types.
Since its less than 3 months till my holiday to Cape Town, I'm looking all over for the perfect swimsuit/bikini for me.

Here are my (not so) wise words of wisdom.

The article can be found here.

I trawled through BonPrix's swimsuit section, here's my top picks...

Here's a holiday snapshot from my visit to Cape Town last year after a dip in the warm waters of Clifton 4th Beach.

Take a look at BonPrix for some great pieces.

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Shake it like a polaroid picture!

I came across this company on facebook one day, thought it was a scam but for under £3 I figured I would give it a go.
And it worked just fine!

So FreePrints allows you to print 45 free images, you can log into facebook, instagram, or choose your own pictures from your phone, and all you pay is postage.

The photo quality reflects the quality of the picture you have chosen. So if its a grainy 1am club shot, it isnt going to be the best print.

They come double packed in a nice blue envelope and green photo envelope. 

They come in standard 4 by 6 inch size, but for a small cost you can choose to have larger prints.
I find the standard size fits fine for my needs.

If you take your pics directly from Instagram, you'll have a black side bar on either side of your image(seen below), these are easily cut off to create that Instagram square image.

I just cut along the outside of the actual image, I really love the square polaroid type photos, I love having these photos stuck up on my mirror. 

They do come in full size, I got a few pictures like this to keep for when I am 72, reliving the old days.
How cute are Daisy and I?

Have you ever used FreePrints? 

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Ebay Wishlist # 4

Another week, another wishlist.
Here's what I have been looking at recently:
Big Hair Bows
I will forever love a hair bow, specially big ones, so these would work perfectly for me.
Ipad Mini Cases
Just like my phone, I like to keep my ipad protected, in a stylish colourful bright cover. I especially love the two anchor cases.
1950's Swing Dress
I have been looking at this type of dress for a friends wedding.

Watches are something I love to wear but don't have enough of. I don't have one watch I wear all the time, so I like to look out for different ones, these are super cute. Specially the map one. 
What's in your wishlist?
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Graze Box Treats

I got myself back onto the Nibble Box from Graze after having 3 Breakfast Boxes.
I am not so much a fan of the Breakfast Boxes as they aren't all to varied. JUST granola, that's all.
When I swapped to a Nibble Box, I was given the chance to beta test a new idea Graze has. I got to choose the 4 items I want in every box, so I chose a savoury pot, a sweet pot, a dipping pot and a bread pot for my next nibble box.
This is what I got:
BBQ Corn // Slightly Sweet Popping Corn //Apple&Cinnamon Flapjack // Smoky Chipotle Dip

I love having control over what I get in my box, the actual ingredients are a surprise but I know that I will be getting something I want in each box.

Do you use Graze? 
If not, sign up today to get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free using the coed: LISAP69LB

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Essence Haul

I have been waiting an age for Essence to come to UK, I used to get this brand in South Africa and was super disappointed when I did not see it on any make up isles here. 

I hopped into my local Wilkos and boy did I strike it lucky, they were just stocking the Essence booth up. I wondered round the store for a while till I saw the shiny new sparkly Essence goodies just waiting for me to snatch them up!

Look at the sparkles!!
Heat Wave Blush Square
This little blush block is great, its like an ombre blush so you have 4 colours in one really. 
And all four colours are wonderful, its super bright and vibrant. It will do well for me!
 This mascara I was really looking forward to because it was my old go to mascara, when I went back to South Africa I couldnt get it anymore so when I saw it was part of the range coming to Wilko's, I was very happy. 
 Lashes Go Wild Mascara.

Blush My Lips lipstick. A standard dark pink. Good to have a back up pink in your make up bag.  
This lippy is quite nourishing but isnt glossy which I love. 
 All About Nude eyeshadow pallet. 
I was just drawn to this, no particular reason, I just felt I needed to own it.

glitz & glam  // roller coaster  // sweet as candy  //  party princess  //  million dollar baby
Have you got anything from the Essence range yet?
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Ebay Wishlist #3

Well what do you know... here I am again with another ebay post.
I have been very busy snooping the ol 'bay for treats.
Here's this weeks findings.
I love sunglasses, but I always play it safe, so for my summer holidays, I'm going for va va voom, or something similar atleast.
I especially love these babies, yes theyre all black but I think they're loud enough as they are!

Cat Backpack
At the moment for work I use a massive tan bag (im all about the tan bags) but I often flutter in and out of love with using a backpack.
So whilst I was looking for some cute backpack inspiration I happened upon this cute little number!
Now I have the hard decision of which colour to choose!
My obsession with ugly/novelty mugs began a few years back when an ex and I moved into a scratty little house and there were a few mugs left over, one of them was a Peter Andre mug, it was so ugly it began a new hobby.
So naturally I always keep a look out for novelty or ugly mugs. 
Unique Desk Lamps
So these awesome lamps I just found through looking at the recommended section on ebay. They're made from used alcohol bottles, how perfect indeed!
I love how kooky these are, definitely something I want, but thinking maybe a DIY project.
Acrylic Necklaces
I was looking for an acrylic barbie necklace and saw some cute acrylic babies.
I particularly like cameo type pendants so these were a real treat to stumble upon!
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I think I'm Going Coco Loco!

The wonderful people at Old Wives Tail kindly sent me a lovely Hair Mask to get my tattered locks under control. 
I explained a bit about my hair, what condition it was in, that it was bleached and coloured and damaged from years or colouring, and they suggested the Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask, phew that's a mouthful!
So what's Old Wives Tail all about ...
"Old Wives Tail is a small hair care company selling handmade organic hair care products – absolutely no additives or chemicals. We aim to nourish your hair back to life the Latino way with our unique blend of oils. Our main lifetime goal is to eradicate animal testing in the beauty industry and 10% of our profits go to charities that save animals from being tested upon. Love your pets, love the environment and love your hair naturally with OWT!"
I was especially drawn to this company because they donate to anti animal cruelty charities and they use fantastic organic products. 
Having such damaged hair, it's important that when I do use hair products on it, I use stuff thats not going to damage it any more than it already is.
So onto the good stuff, literally.
The mask comes nicely packaged in a tub with the company logo on it, and a little leaflet on the mask itself with directions.

The hair mask I got is quite oily, as soon as I took some out of the pot on with my fingers, it started slowly melting.
Which is great because often you get oil based products which just go all over your hands and arms and just make a mess, with this product you can actually get some in your palm and rub it into both hands before it getting it onto your hair and working it in.

I used this the other night and I went for a full night mask rather than the first option of leaving it on for an hour. 
So to do this I first got a towel and stuck it over the radiator and then I rubbed the mask through my hair, concentrating on my roots. Once I was happy that my hair was sufficiently covered and worked in, I wrapped it into a towel turban and went to bed. 

I washed my hair as the instructions suggest and towel dried my hair and left it to naturally dry.
After an hour or two I brushed my hair through just once and it felt a lot better than normal. 
Definitely more softer, but also smelt really nice. 
This mask smells like coconut but has a hint of peppermint.

I think I will need to do this a few times a month to really feel the benefits of the organic ingredients, but for the moment I am impressed.

I would definitely purchase this after I have used it up.
You can check out OWT's Instagram here
And like them on Facebook here
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Simply Sales Haul'ing

I may have binged on Simply Be recently ... but it's totally ok, because I got some super cute stuff from the sales!

Here's what I picked up:

Short Sleeve Swing Tunic - £26.00
 Because tunics are always easy to pair with leggings or slim jeans, they're good for easy weekend wear, I also dress up a tunic with a blazer and chunky necklaces for work.
A girl can never have too many, plus these are swing style which I find to be flattering on my body.
I got the double packs because theyre great essentials.

Floral Print Leggings - £14.00
Because they're loud and bold, and they would be great with simple, plain coloured top.

Boyfriend Tshirt - £15.00 
Because it's a perfect example of a nice plain simple top for some bold loud leggings. 
I dont really have a simple tshirt so if not now, when, right?

Slim Leg Jeggings - £20.00
 Because I've never owned jeggings, I thought I would give them a go.
They seem like a good idea for work, Im trying to get myself to stop wearing leggings so much.

Heart Logo Vest - £10.00
 Because why not?

Lace Up Pumps - £9.00
 Because, pink trainers! Why wouldn't I?

 Because animal print, in red. 

 Because animal print, do I need another reason to NEED more animal print?

 Because I need a fancy dress for a fancy event. And this is fancy, kinda. 

 Because I've wanted it for ages

 Because I can. And well that's the beauty of having a job and having money!

 Because, swimming, duh! And this is a cute swimsuit!

 Because, cherry's!

I also got some more bra's. My favourite bra has broken and the one im wearing is on its way too!

And it was mostly all part of the sale, plus I had a discount code to use before end of August. 

Have you had a sales binge recently?

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