#Babely - OOTD

I wanted to wear something super cute this day because I felt super cute, more cute than normal. 

Id fished these wedge sandals out of my shoe box/crate and really wanted to wear em in an outfit so I picked out mostly black and white items aside for my top which is animal print and floral (what a combo).

What I Wore:
Cami Top - Simply Be
Skirt - Pink Clove via Evans
Blazer - New Look Inspire
Leggings - New Look Inspire
Sandals - Simply Be

This skirt I got when Rachel and I were doing one of our Meadowhall window shopping and cocktails get together and we were drinking ourselves into a "ready to go out" phase, and decided to actually go out dancing, but I didn't have anything to wear. 
We had both bought the MEOW H&M top so I picked up this Skater Skirt from Evans for £12.00.

This Blazer is another one I got when out shopping with Rachel. We were going out in Sheffield and I had already packed a blazer but wanted a more light weight option and we perused Meadowhall and found this beauty.  Again, a bargain at £17.99.

I bought these for my holiday to Cape Town last year and had worn them twice on the holiday and then checked back into my shoe box for the summer.

I wore my Barry M Matte Vanilla nail varnish which I blogged about here and then lost until about 2 weeks ago.
I really enjoy this colour, it gives me many feels as I'm not sure if its super cute or hideous and I kinda like that.

My face as always... much less make up than you are used to seeing me with, it's a thing I'm trying recently. 

Just have Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara on and Lippy is from The Body Shop.

And excuse me but have you seen this necklace?
Rachel gave it to me last year for my birthday, it was a custom piece by Black Heart Creatives.
It matches my lipstick PERFECTLY.

Fun story about this day... I was in such a good place mentally, was sending voice notes and whatsapp messages to people saying how it was gonna be a great day, nothing was gonna bring me down, nothing could dampen my spirits. 
As I was walking to the bus stop, which is a 7 minute trudge, I was voice noting my boo Gavin and I was talking about the sandals I was wearing and how it was a great day and I looooved these shoes and the fucking strap broke on one of them!

But as I previously said, nothing was gonna get me down so I kept going.
Got to work, showed everyone my dilemma and we all laughed, then I went to the work Café and as I was walking back down to my desk the other bloody strap on the other shoe broke!

To add to this ridiculous start of the day I got a mahoooosive scratch on my arm from the bloody toilet door which scraped off what I imagine to be the remainder of my lifes worth of skin off.

To add insult to actual injury, I developed a zit on my face.
AND as I was walking to the car the other strap on my shoe broke off, sending my shoe flying, me wobbling with just an ankle strap on.
Hows that for a positive day huh! Least I looked cute AF!
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Taffy Mail - April Box

A few weeks ago Daisy and I were looking at different subscriptions boxes to try, she decided on Birch box and I decided to try Taffy Mail.
(link to her Birch Box post HERE)

I was very excited when the mail man handed me this package. 
The box itself comes with a big stamp over the front of it quoting "Your Favourite Piece OF Mail". And I can assure you, it WAS my fave bit of mail that day. 

I had already removed the address stickers on the box, so I was left with this awesome box which Im going to use to send stuff abroad to friends in USA.

The box came nicely packed with coupons and info packs.
It didnt include information on the items inside like some subscription boxes do, and I like that because I often read the info bits first and then am not surprised by the contents.

Straight away I was super excited just for the vanilla coke, I know we get it here but I just adore vanilla coke. So already this box is a win for me!
And the Kool Aid as well made me really happy because in all honesty, I am not a fan of cordial we have in this country.
(my parents are in South Africa now and Ive got a shopping list of about 6 bottles of grape cordial from back home)

In total I got 13 items, which makes me really happy as the "original" box quotes having 10 items.
So already I have made my money back on this little box.
On my purchases in American Candy stores I often spend about £30 each time, to get the same amount of items so for just £12.99 and even £15.00 at full price, I think this box is well worth it!

Here's what I got:

vanilla coke // big hunk taffy bar // airheads sour rope // hershey's krackel bar

peanut butter cookie dough bites // wonka shockers // clark peanut butter bar

chocolate pop rocks // tropical punch kool aid // hershy's mini bar // krackel mini bar // airheads single sour candy // tootsie pop lollipop

I am so happy with this box, I got it on a discount, which you can use too. 
If you use the code BESTIE15 you can get 15% off your first box. 

What do you think of this TaffyMail box? 
Do you like sweet boxes or are you a firm beauty box fan?

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Dancing Queens #4

A few weekends Rachel and I went back to our old stamping ground in Sheffiled for a good ol knees up. 
For once I actually took pics of what I was wearing as I had to leave home fairly early and didn't want to have to lug around anything in town and then have to lock it in a locker so I pretty much went out in full "night out" gear and make up. 
No fucks were given at all!

On my lips was a lippy Rachel got me, it's one of those Hello Kitty ones. 
I used Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner on my eyes. 
My cheeks have MUA Blusher on in Shade 4. It's a light peachy tone, a bargain at just £1.00.

To commemorate old times, I topknotted my hair!
It was a glorious time being able to make this big poofy beauty of a mess ontop of my head!
(grow faster hair, grow)

What I Wore:
AX Paris Floral Swing Dress
Leggings - Yours Clothing
Pumps - Primark
Bag - Simply Be

Im loving this swing dress right now! 
Rachel wore the dark floral version, we were like twinsies. She was the dark side and I was the light side...

This dress is made of a waffle type material so it had plenty of room for my ample body and bosom. 

I'm not gonna lie, I fancy myself a lot in this outfit. It's cute!

We met in Yates where we started with Weasel Piss Rose wine to get the engines running.

3 bottles and a plate of food down and we were ready for the night. 
We always like to get this booth section upstairs as its away from people but also cos we can listen to gossip from other tables and its got a plug to charge your phones in, and Lisa always brings her charger!

Classy bitches leave lip stains!

We decided to go onto some blue drinks since we were sufficiently giddy.

Look at all that mermaid coloured hair goodness!
Down the hatchet in one =D

I was admiring Rachels many rings and beautiful nails.

Left my phone when I went to the loo's and came back to a few selfies from Rachel, standard!
Isn't she a stunner!?!!

It was getting to the time we were gonna be meeting Daisy and her friends, so naturally we had to do a selfie of our twins'ing dresses.
We lashed up and met the other girls. 

After more blue alcohols, we ventured over to West Street Live.

There was a band on and one of the band dudes did this amazing photo bomb... I'm more pleased with him than the actual photo!

I bumped into Rebecca and her friend.

I did that thing again where I buy secret shots... don't think Rachel knew this time, I didnt suddenly dash to the loo's at all.

I enjoyed the bearded man in this sticker in the girls toilets in West Street Live.

After this we went to Walk About and after making a B Line for the loo's we danced the night away, then went into PopWorld to finish the night off with.

As always I had a super night with my dancing partner and can't wait for the next Dancing Queens!

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Recent Acquirements/Haul

I've purchased quite a few treats over the month of April for myself (and sometimes others), so I decided to share with you lovely lot.

I went to the American Candy store GobStoppers recently, I cant walk past it without popping in!

I got myself some treats and tried some "special" water that Rachel always raves on about.

I decided to try Fiji Water since Rachel can't stop singing its praises!
One was not impressed, I'll stick to good ol Yorkshire water ta. It's much sweeter and thirst quenching, and best of all... FREE. We like owt for nowt here in God's own land!

I got some m&m's for my mum and dad as they love them.
I also got a peanut butter pack but they munched them in the car. 

I got myself the only remaining Snyders Pretzels in the shop. I literally could eat these all day, every day, FOREVER!

As there were only two packs of Snyders I decided to try something different. 
Combo's seemed a great I dead, a pretzel filled with savoury filling... NOPE. 
Not a fan! But I'd never have known unless I tried.

This was my treat for the car ride home, a candy floss flavour lollipop. Or sucker as we call it back in South Africa. 

Next I popped into a Ye Olde Sweet Shop in Doncaster.

I got some Coconut Ice, Fudge, Hard Gummy Fruits, Coconut Clusters, Toffee Lollipops and Bonfire Lollies. 
Bonfire lollies are probably my most favourite item ever here in England, they're probably the best invention, like ever!

Still in Doncaster I popped into Thorntons, I don't like most of their chocolates, but I do LOVE their Special toffee.
Whenever people from UK came to visit us in SA, they'd bring this for us, Id often spend an entire afternoon eating a whole bag to myself and falling into a jaw locked coma. 

Next Lot of treats came from my visit with Rachel and Brett to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

How cute is the Cat chocolate Rachel got me, clearly great minds think alike as I got the same on too!
I got my mum the bag of coconut marshmallows, she loves these.
And for my dad I got the nougat. 
Then for moi I got a box of Macarons and some Salted Caramel chocolate. 

Finally, when I got home from the weekend away with Rachel, my mom gave me these Solid Perfumes from M&S.
They're from a brand called Fragonard. It's a French Perfumery which she visited once. 

These are great for summer as they're not too heavily scented.

What have you been buying recently?

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