Ebay Wishlist

I have found myself trawling eBay for all sorts of things recently, I often start out just innocently looking for something and end up adding a million things to my basket.
(and never buying them)

Here's a look at my most lusted for items:

These are so friggin cute, I was looking for a Pusheen The Cat cushion for a friend and stumbled upon these amazing cat face cushions. They're a fiver odd each and quite large. I specially like the dopey white cat face.

These I found when I was looking for a flower garland for my hair, I love a full flower crown but never know how to wear them, so this version where its part of a head band would work for me. I can see me wearing them on my Summer Holiday with a cute maxi dress and sandals.

Statement Necklaces 
These are something I often search for. I am not so much a fan of nice pretty dainty necklaces, I like biog chunky badboys and ebay is awash with them. These were all under a fiver. Can you really go wrong??

Phone Cases

Phone case... I have a love affair with these! I buy so many because I lose them all the time. So naturally I look for cheap ones which I'm not gonna be sad about if they were to disappear. 
ebay has some gems when it comes to phone cases, and if you're willing to wait 3 weeks for Chinese post, you could be in for a treat!

Whats in your ebay basket?

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A Recent Mini Haul

I needed to pick up a few things the other day for my weekend away with Rachel Blackpool... I may have splurged a bit, but it's my birthday.

Here's what I picked up:
I got a big cosmetics bag because mines small and I wanted one I could carry. 
Look at all that stuff!
This is what I got from Primark: 
3 roller perfumes for my bag on a night out. 
A teasing brush.
A pair of quid sunglasses.
A bottle of perfume. 
And a pink nail varnish.
This what I got from Superdrug:
A bottle of Dove shower gel.
Some eyelashes.
An eyelash applicator.
2 cans of hair spray.
Nail varnish remover pot.
Hand sanitiser. 
These few are my fave purchases:
Full lashes from Superdrug's own range. 
The perfume was £8 down to £3, you know I LOVE a bargain! 
The nail varnish was just £2, and let's face it, a person can never have too many pinks.
This whole lot only cost £40 including the cosmetics case!
Have you nabbed any bargains lately? 
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Firmoo Glasses

Sunglasses... Does anyone else hate shopping for them?
I do!! I go to plenty different and try one every pair I can find but I'm never quite satisfied, and end up going back to the same pair of haggard sunnies I've had for years.
So when the kind folk at Firmoo contacted me, I was overjoyed.

Firmoo is an online glasses company which has become quite popular in recent years, specially with their first pair free thing they got going.

Now it's quite obvious that I don't wear prescription glasses, so I was even more happy to see that the link in their email directed me to their sunglasses section.
(it was clear that they did actually look through my blog before contacting me)

I uploaded my photo to the site and tried a few different glasses to see how they would fit my face.
(admittedly I didn't follow the specifications for the photo and it still worked)

After seeing them on my face in the picture I was torn between 3 of them. 
Below are the ones I had to say no to, but I think after this great experience, I may go back and buy them.
Can you see a trend?

When I finally placed my order it was such a quick and easy transaction.
I was expecting to wait about 3-4 weeks for them as they're being sent from China, but they came so quickly! It could only have been about a week and a half.

These are the ones I picked up, they have a brown tint to the lenses and the frames have an animal print/tortoise shell print.

They came wonderfully packaged in this glasses case which has a map print on it and the companies logo embossed on the top.
The logo is very subtle and looks really good on the case, it's not big and noticeable which I find is a nice touch!

Below are just some pictures of the case and how the glasses were presented.

I really am so happy with the glasses. I think they fit my face well, the size is good and the quality is just amazing.

So how do they look on....

I am super happy with these and they'll be my new go to sunnies.

I must also add that my contact at Firmoo was really great, she put my mind at ease and was a pleasure to talk to. The customer services is fantastic!

Firmoo now has a dedicated UK site, www.firmoo.co.uk.

Have you ever ordered from this site? 

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Graze Breakfast Box

Remember a few weeks ago I posted about a new Graze Breakfast box coming soon... Well it came!

It came with my name on it. How awesome is that! 
The box is the normal Graze box size, fits through your post and is as lovely as the other boxes!

Inside this box was the information leaflet and 4 bags of granola. 

Each different bag of granola has a different "flavour" as such. 
The first was La Peaches Proven├žal which is peach, apricot, orange infused granola, crispy multi grain flakes and puffed brown rice. 

Next was Dark Chocolate Orange which is chocolate orange granola, orange peel, dark chocolate curls, pumpkin seeds and almond slices. 

Then I got Toasted Quinoa Granola which is made from quinoa oats, barley granola,  orange peel, orange infused raisins and rye flakes. 

Finally, Orange and Macadamia Granola made from orange infused granola, orange peel, macadamia nuts and coconut flakes. 

The leaflet shows an example of other breakfast items. 

I'm very happy with this new Graze box venture! 

If you wanna pick up your own breakfast box, head over to graze.com/breakfast and you can get your 1st, 5th & 10th box free using my friend code below:

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A Recent Haul

In  my last post I talked about meeting Rachel at Meadowhall for a catch up, here are some ot the things I got whilst there.

I picked up a lovely Kimono from New Look.
It's a dark floral print with black tassels on the bottom. Perfect for the summer!

I picked up a copy of some magazine which I haven't read for the free Eyeko Eyeliner. 
I've done this a few times when I've seen Eyeko eyeliners free in Magazines. To only have to pay £2.00 for something which costs about £10.00 I really don't mind buying these beauty mags.

 In Body Shop I picked up 3 perfumes, Satsuma, Moringa and Chocomania.
All 3 of these are so delicious! I am currently using the Satsuma scent and everyone has been commenting on how fresh I smell.

I also picked up a lipstick, Iv'e tested it everyday at work last week, it certainly is a great pick but not quick worth the £10.00 price tag! It's a good job I had this discount code to use.

Here's a swatch of the lipstick and the liner.

The lipstick is called Colour Crush and is in colour Raspberry.

Have you picked up any bargains lately?

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Cocktails & Catchups

I met Rachel last weekend for our monthly catch up and cocktails and some shopping.

I had breakfast with my folks at Ed's Diner.
I got Waffles with Bacon and Strawberry's with Maple Syrup.

I wore my Simply Be Denim Peplum I got a few weeks ago.

We started in Primark first, I HAD pickled up quite a few things including some lipstick, perfume and some cute tops, but when I saw the queue, I bottled it. It was already so hot in Meadowhall, to stand in the queue for 35-50 minutes seemed a crime!
(I'll get them at payday this month anyway)

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur really, we talked so much and laughed even more. 
We had awesome burritos and churros for lunch and an alcohol free margarita slushie, it was delish!

We popped into New Look where we tried on everything we could hold in our hands.
But I left with just one item. A kimomo.

We both tried on a playsuit in Yours, but it just wasnt for me.
But it definitely was for Rachel, she suits a playsuit so well!

We also went into H&M, recently I have been enjoying their fat size clothing, they're a bit awesome!
I tried on an oversized tshirt dress which was amazing, but again the queue was killer so I ended up dropping what I had and walking out.

We didn't manage to get many pictures since we were too busy nattering.
I'll be posting a Meadowhall Haul soon, look out for that.

We then went to Body Shop since Rachel had alerted me to a good deal she found on Vouchercloud. 

After schmoozing around some more we went to our old watering hole TGI Fridays for some cocktails and even more chatting and laughing.

I even got a cocktail with champaign in, how laadidaar of me.

I can't wait for our next meeting which should be Hair Dye Club in the beginning of July!

Do you have a monthly tradition with your friend?

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